== Sieg Helmont==

Class TypeEdit

A character suitable for "action gamers" who like speedy, continuous attacks, as this is what Sieg specializes in. Also, he's easy to combo with. Sieg can also be considered a "tank," the front-line soldier that takes the damage and keeps enemies concentrated on himself rather than rest of the party.

Main Weapon: Two-Handed Sword


Sieg's skills are classified into 5 groups: Strike, Sword, Charge, Bless, and Ability. Strike-Type skills are mainly used to stun, knockdown, and toss. Sword-type skills are mainly for attacking several times in a short period of time. Charge-type skills are for both offensive and defensive attacking. Bless-typed skills are Sieg's buff and supportive skills. Last, but not least, Ability-type skills are passive abilities.

Skill Points GrowthEdit

Sieg gains 1 skill point per level; however, beginning when you reach level 4 and every 4 levels thereafter, he will receive 2 skill points.

        Level 3 -> Level 4 = 2 skill points.  
        Level 4 -> Level 5 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 5 -> Level 6 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 6 -> Level 7 = 1 skill points.  
        Level 7 -> Level 8 = 2 skill points.

Skill BuildsEdit


Basic Moves (unofficial)Edit

Walk: Hold a direction, is more precise than dashing, but much slower.

Dash: Tap a direction twice. Sieg has the second fastest dash. Dashes cancel into other dashes, but Sieg cannot cancel into a 130 degree angle as quick. He instead cancels into 90 degrees. Ex: 6688

Dash A Dash, then press A. A wide slash. Cancels into skills, Dash S, or space, which makes Sieg side step to the right. The side step will ignore all speed debuffs. Pressing S will also accomplish the same thing, but it will instead side step Sieg to the left, and each side step will cancel extremely quickly into each other. Also cancels a bit late in the animation into a dash (not instant).

Dash S: Dash, then press S. A shoulder ram. Skills can be canceled late in the animation, dash cancelable

Dash AS: A wide slash, followed by a shoulder ram. This shoulder ram differs from Dash S because it will cancel into a skill normally. Directions can be changed from A to S. This skill can be canceled by meleeing after it.

Down attack: Press Space. Sieg stabs the ground with his sword. A bit slow, very wide, can cancel into skills.

Upper Slash: Press S. Sieg will launch the opponent if it hits. Ignores speed debuffs, and cancels into a dash.

Melee: A chain of 5 A presses that cancel into each other, a dash, or a skill. Has a very wide area compared to most classes, and is a bit shorter than Dainn's length. In the normal AAAAA chain, each one can be skill canceled and the direction can be changed between each A.

A: A basic slash. Can press space to go into a down attack.

AS: A slash, then Sieg will bring his sword up and back, the second hit does high damage. Can be followed with space for stabs, which can be dash canceled on the first or second hit.

AA: Two slashes that can be followed with space, can be dash canceled. Used as a way to control space in PvP. In PvP, if it connects, it will be followed up with Dash AS. Pressing space will go into a down attack.

AAS: Two slashes, followed with an upward slash. Can be canceled back into the A chain. It is also dash cancelable. A possible follow up is S, followed by space, which is like AS.

AAAA: Four slashes, mainly used to maintain air height in a combo if AAAS will miss. Pressing space will go into a down attack.

AAAS 3 slashes, with a downward swing. Used more often than AAAA to maintain air height, but does not have as much length

AAAAA: Five slashes than end in a large swing. The last swing cancels into a down attack, or walk.

AAAAS: Four slashes, then Sieg winds up for a long stab. Can be followed with Space for stabs.

Hints & TipsEdit

If you press S then dash right away, it seems as though it is a better form of dash 1

If you press AS really fast while dashing, you can Side step(move to the side)1

If you press A space you attack then side step but to the opposite side 1

Sieg is a Starter Character.

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