Welcome to The New Lunia WikiEdit

The New Lunia Wiki! It will continue the old Lunia Wiki but it will be updated all week!

If u help it will be The New Lunia Wiki with more Hints then the old Lunia Wiki.

To do that, we need you to help us editing!

Under construction!Edit

Finished Projects:Edit

North American Lunia

European Lunia

Korean Lunia

Japanese Lunia

Taiwanese Lunia

Brazilian Lunia

Old Lunia Wiki

All Lunia Quests - Lunia Bible (official)

All Lunia Quests (unofficial)

Search items - Lunia Bible (official item database)
Search items with quest & box related info

Boss Boxes


Guild Items All Keys

Set Items All Craft Books

Official Monster Database

Official Stage Names

Event Counter

Currently under construction:Edit

Knight Guide

Healer Guide

To do:Edit

Stages 1-1H - 7-10H

Stages 1-1L - 6-10L

Stages 1-1B - 3-3B

Raids H/L/M

Stage 1M - 6M

Stage Events

Items (Weapon, Armours, Drops...)

General Guides

Character Guides Dainn-Gaon

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